Have you ever walked around festivals showgrounds after it ends, and realise how campsites are still intact but with no one in sight? What was once a place for happy boogs becomes a ghost town. And what happens to all this leftover camping gear? They will go to landfill or be incinerated. Over 200,000 tonnes of waste are dumped at festivals - that's almost as heavy as the Statue of Liberty... can you believe it??

That is devastating. 

We created Good Intentions as a refuge for festival camping gear. We resuscitate perfectly usable camping gear for lovely doofers, such as yourself reading this. Whether brand new, good or broken, we help festivals clean these waste from their grounds, all for a good cost, at no payments from the festivals. We clean, stitch, tape and fix pre-loved camping gear, which will once again be circulated in future festivals. It's a circular festival system we're talking about here!


 As every item you get from us is 100% recycled from previous festivals, you will get to doof responsibly. Every purchase will be helping the environment by living sustainably and consciously.  

If you're thinking of the next doof but you're not too keen about carrying your heavy camping gear, we offer a 'set up and pack down' service of your campsite for free. This is different from 'glamping' as you get to camp with your mates wherever you want! We offer this to encourage people to choose recycled camping gear, doof hard and party with our stunning planet.

Keeping it 'tent' outta 'tent' only babes (10/10) 👌🏻👅💦 

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