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  • What are your store hours?
    This depends on each festivals. Usually on the first day we are open from 12 - 12, the second 9 - 5 and the last 9 - 9. However, if unsure, hit up the festival page on our website!
  • Can I arrive outside of store hours?
    Yes! Of course. However, we ask that you message us prior to arriving so that we can accomodate your arrival times.
  • How does your system work?
    Great question. When you arrive at a festival, drop by our shop and let us know you have arrived. You can either let us know before arriving where you would like to camp and we will set up your site for you prior to your arrival, or you can let us know when you arrive where you would like to camp and we can set it up then. Drop back past when you are ready to leave and let us know, we will then pack down the gear and say goodbye. As easy as that.
  • Any other questions?
    Hit us up at or come say hi to us at the festival. We are always happy to have a chat about any questions you might have.

If you have a question that isn't answered here then Contact Us!

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