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Sleep is important, so let’s sleep like angels.


We have the flocked air mattresses in different sizes: Single bed, King single bed, Double bed, Queen bed and King bed. Lucky you, all sizes are charged the same. What you get will be a first come first serve basis, as it depends on what we have collected from past festivals. You can put in your desired mattress size in the Notes section and we’ll see if we have them for you. We can’t guarantee, but we’ll try our best.


Hiring camping gear is an act for a greener planet. Thank you for choosing to DOOF RESPONSIBLY <3


Disclaimer: We have checked all of these air mattresses for holes - we even manually pump them all up (yes, with our feet…) - and leave them overnight in our warehouse to check they don’t deflate. However, as these bad boys are enjoying a second life, we can’t guarantee that they aren’t going to deflate. Make sure to check before going camping and contact us if you need to do an exchange for another bad boy that’s good for ya.

Hire Duration
  • 🦋 Conditions for General Hire 🦋

    • HIRE DURATION: We charge different prices depending on the number of days you are hiring the camping gear for. In the ‘Hire Duration’ section, select the number of days you are hiring it for, either 3-day hire (in purple) or 7-day hire (in yellow). After you select the hire duration, the price for the hire will be updated automatically.


    • EXTRA HIRE DURATION: If you want to hire the gear for an extra day/s - on top of the 3-day hire/ 7-day hire - you can add the 'NON-TENT HIRE - EXTRA DAY/ DAYS (GENERAL HIRE)' into your cart. Alternatively, if you want to hire the gear for an extra week/s - on top of the 3-day hire/ 7-day hire, you can add the 'NON-TENT HIRE - EXTRA WEEK/ WEEKS (GENERAL HIRE)' into your cart. Find these on the General Hire page.


    • DEPOSIT: Deposit is 50% of your total hire. You can pay the deposit in cash or do a bank transfer payment when you pick up the camping gear from our warehouse.


    • RETURNS: Returns should be made within 1-2 days after your end hire date. A late fee will be charged if camping gear is not returned within 1-2 days of the end hire date.


    • CONDITION OF CARE: Please clean all camping gear before returning, otherwise the deposit will not be returned.
  • ☣️ 5 Easy Steps to General Hire ☣️

    1. See an item you need for camping? Add to cart.
    2. In the Notes section, put in a note saying when you're free to pick it up and drop it off (once you're done) from our warehouse. We have provided our warehouse opening times, so you can easily plan your times around that. Checkout and pay for your hires.
    3. Once we've sent you a confirmation email with a set day and time for pick up and drop off, come and collect your hires from our warehouse and pay the 50% deposit either in cash or through bank payment.
    4. Have fun camping and partying with the planet.
    5. After your nice holiday, make sure to clean the camping gear before dropping off the items to the warehouse. When you drop it off on time (1- 2 days after your end hire date), you get your deposit back. Easy! ;-)