Not two, but three. Three's the charm for all that triple action (especially in our WANDERER 3-person tent).


Only $60 deposit when you come to pick it up on DAY 1.


Get your deposit money refunded after the festival is done as a recycling reward! BLING BLING.


As another reward, SET UP and PACK DOWN is all free.


Just come to us when you arrive and we’ll get it sorted while you hit the d-floor immediately.


Hiring camping gear is an act for a greener planet. Tent toss no more 😊


Save the trouble schelping your tent to the festival. We all know it's hella better taking the charter bus than driving! (Your road trip just got better)


Just bring yourself and your cute outfits in your bag and party with the planet <3 


    • Add to cart and pay.
    • Pick up when you arrive.
    • Pay the deposit.
    • Doof the green way.
    • Get rewarded for recycling with a payout when you return!
    • Spare parts (poles, pegs, ropes) from only $5
    • All camping gear here can be hired too (last minutes)
    • Repair service

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