For those who don’t want to sleep cold, or have grass poking into you, snuggle into our bags.


NEW additions to our camping collection are sleeping bags.


We have it on SPECIAL as there would be no deposit when you pick it up on DAY 1.


All yours to have it for the weekend and beyond the festival.


If you don’t have space to bring it home or travelling interstate, we’re happy to take it back to rehire them again!


Hiring camping gear is an act for a greener planet. Let’s save camping gear from the landfill. Most aren't compostable and neither are good for the environment.



$30.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
    • Add to cart and pay.
    • Pick up when you arrive.
    • Pay the deposit.
    • Doof the green way.
    • Get rewarded for recycling with a payout when you return!
  • Find us near Gaytimes campgrounds!

    • Spare parts (poles, pegs, ropes) from only $5
    • All camping gear here can be hired too (last minutes)
    • Repair service

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