What can I say – this is the doof zone. Whoever’s got the speakers got the trax.


Hurry up this is limited! Only 2 special ones out for hire at Gaytimes.


Only $40 deposit when you come to pick it up on DAY 1.


Get your money (aka deposit) back after the festival is done as a reward for recycling!


Hiring camping gear is an act for a greener planet.


Save up space for your sick as doof outfits, and keep your doof zone green.


    • Add to cart and pay.
    • Pick up when you arrive.
    • Pay the deposit.
    • Doof the green way.
    • Get rewarded for recycling with a payout when you return!
  • Find us near Gaytimes campgrounds!

    • Spare parts (poles, pegs, ropes) from only $5
    • All camping gear here can be hired too (last minutes)
    • Repair service

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(signing in from Melbourne, Australia)